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Eagle College
Eagle College was established in 2010 to provide quality education in Degree and TVET programs in Ethiopia. Our achievement and success comes with years of hard work to meet international standard with full accreditation from the Ministry of Education of FDRE. Today Eagle College's standard is not limited to Ethiopia but rather reaches top-end academic ranking in Africa with ambition to prepare our students competitive in international job market and create innovative minds in the 21st century.
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Eagle College is a recently establishing college in distance education studies in Addis Ababa and other regions of Ethiopian to deliver degree programs in Management and Accounting and Finance. In the near future the college is planning to see its graduates excel in business field of studies in distance education. Holding on to its motto of quality Education and there by “Make Education go the Distance!” the college is trying to provide quality education by providing a conducive teaching and learning environment. In the coming few years, the college will have magnificent building, well equipped laboratories and demonstrations, and high caliber man power.

Eagle College does not want to be limited to distance studies, rather the college sought to extend its arms to regular programs with varies field of studies in 2020. Among these fields of studies Marketing, Economics, Leadership in Education, computer science are the main ones. For now, the departments of Accounting and Finance and Management were included as part of the college programs of study. Keeping the pervasiveness of their application, the college admonishes that the fields of study are worth learning. In the existing organizational dynamics and global integrations, the importance of vibrant business professionals is indisputable. The central role of these studies in society make them interesting disciplines in their own right, especially for those who are interested in how economic or financial activities of any economic players, both at the micro and macro level, influences and structures our lives. Over the past periods, the program has long been working on the conventional knowledge based course based delivery system with its many drawbacks including lack of academic coherence, poor assessment and evaluation, fragmented knowledge, poor quality and relevance of the curriculum as a whole which could not produce highly qualified and competitive graduates at the job markets. The modularized curriculum constitutes modules and courses carefully designed to transform the conventional academic incoherence approach to competence based teaching/learning approach behind the modularization.

The mission of Eagle College is to advance knowledge, promote skill development and attitude change in the area of training provided to its graduates who will be achieved through student-centered, practice-oriented teaching and quality community services.


In 2030 Eagle College aspires to be one of the best institutions of higher education in undergraduate and post graduate trainings, research and development in Ethiopia..


• Producing well qualified professionals who are nationally & internationally competent • Providing efficient & quality community service maintaining high ethical standards addressing the community needs • Making the teaching-learning & community service of the college rated very good by customers • Providing high quality administrative support to ensure satisfaction of customers • Generating internal revenue through different schemes to enable the college achieve its set objectives.

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Statement from the Managing Director and Founder:

Eagle College welcomes all our new and returned students with bright future ahead of us to work together and achieve the academic programs that we set for you and enable you reach the finishing line with honorable achievement. We have highly acclaimed instructors to prepare you to the level where you can assure yourself to become competitive in such highly demanding world. Your knowledge is your only asset for the future to spare as we live in globalized business environment enabling you win others in your track. Eagle College is in full compliance to serve you in all academic programs you have registered in. As managing director of Eagle College, my office is always open for my students to engage in all dialogues you bring with you. There are always solutions for all problems as we sit and methodologically arrange your engagement with Eagle College efficiently using your resources and time.

Kifle Bidika

Managing Director



Qualified Staff

With highly qualified instructors, Eagle College offers it courses to transfer years of experience to our students

Fully equiped facilities

Eagle College is built fully equipped from the start..

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Providing one on one session

We provide one on one session with close connection with our students

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All inclusive printed materials

We make printed and soft copies ready for all our students

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